Choices Womens Clinics Johannesburg is a private and accredited medical clinic offering a diverse range of services which include:- 

  • Consultations.
  • Treating STD’s
  • Dispensing of medication.
  • Family Planning
  • x-rays and laboratory tests. 
  • HIV counselling & testing
  • Medical examinations and radiology.
  • Infectious diseases specialists.
  • Pregnancy ultrasound scans.
  • And same day Abortions.


Safe Abortions

According to the World Health Organisation, 35 out of 1000 pregnancies only in South Africa end up being aborted. This being one of the highest rates in the world, choices womens clinics Johannesburg not only focus on terminating pregnancies but also on educating women on how to make sure you exercise your right to legal abortion safely.



With a mission of offering same day services confidential services to the community, we are a walk in clinic with an average waiting time of 30 minutes from arrival until being seen by the doctor on duty. 

Our abortion starts from R499.

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We accept cash. Medical aid payments on condition we can confirm availability of funds with your medical aid scheme.


Call / Whatsapp

073 146 7822 


Dr. James